Evil Queen Crown


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When a female dragon finally finds love, it is fair to say that it is with a person that doesn’t want to tie her down, someone that appreciates her wild dress, and like her - knows what they want in life. Put on the Dragons in Love halo when you know what you want, because there is nothing that will stop a dragon on a mission of LOVE! Virgins Saints & Angels crowns are a stylists dream and have been featured in editorials from NY to Tokyo, on shows from Once Upon a Time, Frozen, Cinderella, and Reign. Designers have used our crowns in campaigns, and countless influencers use our head pieces during festival season. Ask me where you would wear a crown…..and my answer…where wouldn’t you!?! Throw it on and hold your head up high, …you are guaranteed to get a smile and a few winks from the crowd. We all deserve a princess moment.