Birds in the Sky Halo

$311 $444
Get the feeling of empowerment. Birds flying in a circle are said to bring fortune and luck. As a spirit animal, the bird represents your ability to rise above adversities… and with the Birds in the Sky Halo you are certain to be elevated to new potentials. Now put on your wings and let this beauty take you to new heights!! Virgins Saints & Angels crowns are a stylists dream and have been featured in editorials from NY to Tokyo, on shows from Once Upon a Time, Frozen, Cinderella, and Reign. Designers have used our crowns in campaigns, and countless influencers use our head pieces during festival season. Ask me where you would wear a crown…..and my answer…where wouldn’t you!?! Throw it on and hold your head up high, …you are guaranteed to get a smile and a few winks from the crowd. We all deserve a princess moment.
**Kindly Be Informed** Our Artisan Angels are blessing these handmade beauties. If the heavens permit (and they are in stock) your treasure will be wrapped up and on its way in just a few days, otherwise: expect blessings delivered at your door in 2-3 weeks! Besos!

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