San Benito Medallion

This ancient symbol of peace is worn by those seeking faith, hope, and protection. Whatever your path, this relic can guide your journey, bringing peace of mind and heart. 





The Cross Medallion

The four arms of the cross refer to the four daily events of the sun: from sunrise to sunset, including Zenith and its equivalent underneath the horizon.





Virgin of Guadalupe

She is Queen, Fairy, Virgin, Mother, and Goddess. She is a true Madonna of the 21st century. As the most visited Virgin in the world, she has a fan club to be envied. 





Milagrosa Charm

Whether you are seeking protection or a cure, she is the one to look to. La Virgin de los Milagros can make all your wishes come true. Feel the power of the miracle.


The Sacred Heart Medallion

Whether genuine romantic love or the love felt between mother & child, the sacred heart reminds us that unconditional love often comes with pain. Flames will threaten you, but the perfect, divine love that waits is worth the burn.