Hand Crafted Luxury + VSA Symbols

VSA uses only the finest custom crystals and features a beautiful range of natural stones, beads, and pearls. We also use sterling silver and vermeil, as well as bronze, plated in 24k gold and sterling silver.

We are proud of our artisans, who continue to use traditional jewelry-making methods that have been used for centuries. Almost every piece of jewelry is made by hand, as well as all of our beading – every bead, strung one by one.

The workmanship and skills used in the creation of VSA stems from Finn’s desire to create meaningful jewelry, infused with her vision and pulse of future trends, creating unique pieces that merge the soul of a young spirit with the wisdom of a seasoned soul.

San Benito Medallion

What does it mean?

This ancient symbol of peace is worn by those seeking faith, hope, and protection. Whatever your path, this relic can guide your journey, bringing peace of mind and heart.

Meaning of the letters on the medallion

Each letter is the first initial of the Latin prayer for St Benedict (San Benito). “CSSML NDSMD” can be translated to “Crux sacra sit mihi lux! Nunquam draco sit mihi dux! (May the holy cross be my light! May the dragon never be my guide!). If you so believe, this medallion can protect you from your demons, both internal & external.

Sacred Heart

This medallion features a heart on fire, to remind us of unconditional love.

It’s a great option for a customer who loves the look of VSA, but does not want to wear a cross.

Milagrosa Virgin

Graces will abound for those who wear it with confidence. This is the Virgin of Miracles.