Virgins Saints & Angels (VSA Designs) Let Them Eat Cake

More than a team, we’re closer to an extended family of artisans and creative spirits on both sides of the border. Before a piece of VSA jewelry reaches you, it has been touched by many hands, from the designer to the artisans who are proud of their traditional jewelry-making methods, to the stylists and salespeople who bring it to our beloved collectors.


All of us in the VSA family believe– in the value of bringing fine craftsmanship to fresh design, in the desire to make jewelry that reflects the soul and spirit, in beautiful and creative images and packaging, and in bringing the best customer service to the people who wear our jewelry. And who, like us, believe.


People who love VSA don’t just wear jewelry, they wear their style. VSA jewelry is collectable, versatile, mixable…and sometimes (we can’t help it!) an obsession. Each piece expresses your style and creative personality. Because every piece of VSA is made with care and touched by the hands of people who believe in the spiritual connection infused in every design.


As the founder and designer, I am grateful to every person in our extended family, not only for their support and creativity, but for their humor–especially when I sneak in stylists, make-up artists, costumes, and props for moments when we celebrate the spirit behind our look. The results when we are together for a “family photo” say everything. We’re cheeky, bold, mysterious, and imbued with spirits ancient and yet to come…..The Black Supper, Let Them Eat Cake, and Viva Sevilla!  


May I Proudly Present….VSA past & present.