Chariot Dangle Ring

$108 $216

You Can Go Your Own Way

Indicating the presence of chance & jingling excitement, but who’s steering your chariot. For true happiness, it must be steered by you, so grab the rings! Clear your life of clutter & do the things you save for a rainy day.

But be wearing: Using change as a band aid* for restlessness when the problem lies within you.

*warning—band aid not nearly as chic as this ring.

Wear for Keeps

Our push to ensure that the pieces you love carry on through this gypsy life with you, in protection & spirit, may they not wear tired. Introducing sterling silver & gold vermeil.

Make new friends but keep the old, one is [sterling] silver & the other is gold [vermeil].


Sizes available from 5.5 to 9. Please add order note at checkout.

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