Happy 20th Birthday, Tallulah!
We couldn't let this day pass without sharing our love and celebration for a special angel who's been wearing VSA since day 1! It's Tallulah Rose, Finn´s Daughter. 
We asked her what she loves most about VSA and she said, 
¨What I love most about vsa is that it has lived life with me. I've seen it all; every single milestone.¨
She is mostly seen wearing at least 2-4 vsa pieces at any given time.
She really wouldn't be the fabulous, vibrant person that we all know and love today if it weren't for vsa. 
We love the way that vsa joins her as she expresses her multifaceted self!
She says, ¨Vsa gives me confidence and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a little bling?!¨ 

We love you, Tallulah! Welcome to your twenties xo