The beginning of a new chapter..

Welcome to our new Blog, Milagros!

This will be a space for us to share insights, inspirations, stories, images, and things that bring us joy.

We have been a jewelry brand for 25 years now. We know as well as anyone there's so much more that goes into a brand other than making and selling jewelry for people to wear. 

This blog is a space for us to explore the in between moments. The sacred and the mundane. The highs and the lows. The behind the scenes. The memories and moments we share while we're wearing our favorite VSA pieces.

We are whole people, and we have whole lives. There are countless aspects that contribute to making us who we are, what we do, what we love, what we're inspired by, and what we create, beyond the jewelry. 

Milagros (Spanish for Miracles) is where we're going to show you, and share with you, all of these things and more.

We hope that you love it and we look forward to connecting with you on a more personal level!

~the women of VSA xo