Virgins In The House!
Have you ever wondered how influenced VSA is by Finn´s personal taste, home and interests?
Let's join Finn for a tour of Virgins in her house and find out...

Above: She is the Blessed Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus. She is French and was a gift when Tallulah (My Daughter) was born—from a celebrity crafter friend named Marisa Pawelko—who happened to have her baby boy, Joey, on the exact same day and year as Tallulah. Forever friends.

The Vierge Marie are five altar candles I purchased as a commemorative item from Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, marking Tallulah’s first visit to Paris at 5 years old. The artist of the painting in the background depicts Finn, Tallulah (at 2 years old), and her godmother Tata, who made Paris an important place in Tallulah’s life.

Five glittering Virgin candles on my kitchen sill, just watching over things and adding to the view.

This Virgin of Miracles is made of marble and was a gift from my family. During the big earthquake in Mexico City, she fell and was shattered. I took her to a restoration shop, and they put her back together again—a true miracle.

The Virgin of Providence is an inheritance from my Aunt Louise, who was a nun at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. She died more than 10 years ago. This picture hung in her bedroom for over 40 years, and now it hangs in mine.

A Virgin of Guadalupe collage was gifted to me at my baby shower two months before Tallulah was born. The artist has since passed, but I hold this piece close to my heart with the blessings she imparted onto it.

 The Virgin of Miracles covered in Swarovski crystals.  She was made by me & a Japanese artist in Mexico City.

The 6-foot-tall Virgin of Miracles is gold-leafed, with butterflies fluttering around her eyes. She stands at the end of my swimming pool, keeping us safe.